About the Therapist

Karyn Fleck

My name is Karyn Fleck and I have more than 20 years of clinical experience as a counsellor. I have worked extensively with people who have experienced family, relationship or personal violence as well as people with mental health concerns; this includes adolescents, adults and families. My experience has been helping people with chronic illness, life threatening disease and end of life. I have helped people through grief, loss and life transitions. I have received training in the field of love, sex and relationships. I provide specialized service to people dealing with issues around their sexuality, gender identity and relationships.

I have a BA in Psychology and a Masters degree in Social Work. I have over 20 years of clinical counselling experience. I use a solution focused style while integrating various counselling methods to guide clients in achieving their goals. I operate with respect and non-judgement and provide acceptance for all human struggles.

My vision is through my expertise, experience and compassion to create a place of hope and personal growth in which I accept and celebrate one's individuality and strive to help my clients accept their infinite worth.

I accept and celebrate your individuality and assist you in discovering the opportunities in your challenges.

People have many different reasons for seeking help. For most of them, there is a desire to stop hurting. They have done the best they can for as long as they can. I believe in the power within the individual. At your core you are the person that you have always wanted to be. You may just need some help clearing away the blocks that have you stuck.

Karyn Fleck