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Skype Counselling Available
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In-person services are located at 406 Dewdney Avenue,
upstairs which is in the Beyond Body Wellness Center.
Outside Regina and world-wide, Skype counselling is available.

Hours may vary.
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I am fully supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and welcome clients who have concerns about their sexual identity and/or are in same sex relationships.


Do you desire a hot, passionate relationship?

Are you in love with your partner and desire sexual bliss?

Is your relationship the most important thing in your life?

Or do you wish it was...?

I am Karyn Fleck and I help people attain their intimate desires.

I am here to tell you that you can re-ignite the flame in your relationship!

Are you in a relationship that in the beginning was hot and filled with sexual passion?

Has your sex life begun to slow down?Stop abruptly?Have you or your partner lost their desire for sex?Or their arousal?

Do you find yourself doubting that it can ever be like that again?

I promise you.I guarantee you it can.I have seen it happen over and over again.You love your partner.You have built a life together.Maybe you have children.Maybe a home.Pets.Comforts.Maybe you “work well together” or you “get along well”.But you feel more like roommates.One or both of you are too tired at the end of a busy day to find romance.Maybe your partner has stopped “looking at you that way”… Maybe you have even tried “date nights”, sex toys, self-help books, other counsellors… and still the heat you once shared seems unattainable.

Through my 10 Step transformational system, I will help you and your partner to first find clarity in your relationship, develop better communication styles, build your connection and finally create the sensual intimate excitement and bliss that you have been desiring!

Book yourself in for a preliminary session to discuss my system, your history and desires with Karyn Fleck Counselling Services MSW/RSW or purchase a package and save!

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Skype Counselling Available World-Wide

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