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​Couples Counselling

​Couples Counselling

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Intimacy Coaching

Intimacy Coaching

Individual Counseling Sessions

Individual Counseling Sessions

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Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy

Healing trauma
Healing Sexual Trauma

Healing Sexual Trauma

EMDR Therapy

EMDR Therapy

    Over 20 Years of Experience

    Non-Judgemental and Accepting Counsellor

    Expertise In Intimacy and Sexuality


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Relationship and Intimacy Counselling

Online Video Counselling Available World-Wide

I am fully supportive of the LGBTQ community and welcome clients who have concerns about their sexual identity and are in same sex relationships.

Worldwide Online Video counselling is available. Karyn is based out of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and conducts sessions online for clients all over the world.


Couples Counselling

Sex Therapy

Intimacy Coaching

Available Online & In-Person

I am fully supportive of the LGBTQ community and welcome clients who have concerns about their sexual identity and are in same sex relationships.

Karyn has a BA in Psychology and another Bachelor's degree in Social Work as well as a Masters degree in Social Work. She uses all forms of therapy including CBT, SFBT and SE as well as holistic tools such as mindfulness, breathwork and Tantra. Karyn has recently taken specialized training in intimacy and relationships which helps women and men who want extraordinary relationships and mind-blowing sex, connection and intimacy.


Do you want help navigating the ups and the downs of relationships?

Would you like to reignite your sexual energy & libido?

Do you need help ending disempowering relationships?

Do you want to learn how to successfully and sensually relate to your lovers?

I can teach you self-pleasure & self-love practices to rediscover your innate sensuality.

Let's explore who you are as a unique sexual being (inclusive of all sexual and gender identities).

I want to help you to feel empowered in your sexuality and building confidence and self-esteem as a sexual person.

I will help you to awaken your ecstatic, orgasmic body.

We do this by moving through guilt, shame and fear surrounding your sexuality.

We do this by moving beyond the mind and dropping into your body.

We do this by building energy & expanding pleasure.

I can help you and your partner to first find clarity in your relationship, develop better communication styles, build your connection, and create the sensual, intimate excitement and bliss that you have been desiring!

Whether you want to enhance sexual performance, eliminate performance anxiety, improve communication skills, navigate the dating scene, learn about orgasm, increase libido, or simply want more pleasure in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Karyn is located in Regina and offers online sessions. Book here to schedule your first session and see if we're a good fit.




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In-person services are located at 406 Dewdney Avenue,
upstairs which is in the Beyond Body Wellness Center.
Worldwide, Online Video counselling is available.

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